Dermal Fillers in Bangkok Thailand


What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are the facial aesthetics that are in use by the dermatologists for treatments.  The dermatologists can inject the solution into the patient’s skin. With the help of dermal fillers the dermatologists can remove the wrinkles, revitalize the skin and create volume to provide an attractive look.

Why the experts are suggestion the patients for Bangkok Thailand?

In Bangkok Thailand many world class hospitals are having well skilled dermatologists  that get mastery in every critical surgical process, so the patients can fulfill their desire result without any problem. Also the success percentage is much higher in Bangkok Thailand than any other country.

Who will the dermal fillers benefit?

The dermal fillers are good for treating following: naso labial lines (and between nose & mouth), marionette lines (so called ‘smile lines’ in corners of mouth), depressions as well as blemishes (like acne scars), hollow and sunken cheeks (that are caused by the fat atrophy because of ageing process), tips, correcting indentations, bumps as well as unevenness in nose or chin, as well as improving the contours of jaw. The dermal fillers will get used to improve the lips. Free consultation can find out which of the dermal filler is best for your needs.

What range of the dermal fillers we have?

There are many different dermal fillers; all has various benefits & effects.

Restylane & Perlane or Touch – These are most famous alternatives to the collagen replacement therapy as well as don’t need initial 28 day skin test. Restylane & Perlane as well as Touch are the dermal fillers comprising of non-animal clear gel, which can help to smooth wrinkles as well as folds and make contours. It will get used to give you the lip enhancement in case, required. The Restylane and Perlane can remain in treated area for a few months following treatment, and giving that natural looking volume & contours. Restylane is been used for the fine lines whereas Perlane is been used for the deeper wrinkles & folds. Qmed, and who make the products, are in market for around 20 years & 6 million treatments are treated worldwide. Also, it is market leader and your practitioner can decide what is good for your requirements.

Why patient will choose this procedure?

The dermal fillers are not new technology for the modern world; this procedure was started since 1980s. The surgeons can use this procedure for the patient hand to face. With the help of this procedure, the patient can get a perfect shaped figure with some maintenance information about maintaining figure after the procedure. The patient can rectify the fatty tissue or fat from the needed area in quick time. So, this procedure is going high on demand and the surgeons are educated to operate this procedure on the patient’s skin. This procedure can offer you some information about maintenance of figure in better way.

What potential risks are linked with the cosmetic dermal fillers?

Greatest risk happens when the dermal fillers are all injected by somebody who is not qualified properly to perform the injections. Risks that include hematoma and blood pooling under skin, though rare, infection as well as necrosis and skin loss is likely.

The unsatisfactory outcome is risk and semi-permanent & permanent fillers might clump: particles form granuloma and lump that is felt and seen beneath skin. Particles might migrate and displace from injection site. The injection of anti-inflammatory might improve the minor clumps and swelling. More important clumping and granuloma might need surgery.

Can I allergic to dermal filler?

Just the dermal fillers that are derived from the animal sources that have risk of allergy. It is something that your doctor must cover during consultation & informed consent procedure. In case, necessary, patch and allergy test is done. Injections are scheduled many weeks later, and after risk of the allergy is evaluated.

Are dermal fillers used on face?

The dermal fillers must not get used to rejuvenate hands, and injected in breasts and injected in part of body other than face. In the selected cases, scar, cellulite dimple and other limited depression are treated with the FDA approved fillers for the temporary improvement.

Is there age limit for the cosmetic dermal fillers?

The dermal fillers for the cosmetic purposes must not get administered to anybody under 18.

Can dermal fillers get used on the skin of color?

Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Restylane & Juvederm, are right for the skin of color, since these are the colorless gels, which must not be visible in skin and alter skin color.

Can I feel dermal filler injected in my skin?

In first some days after the injection, treated area might feel firm; this must improve fast. But risk exists with the semi-permanent and permanent fillers of the particles that are clumping together & forming granuloma that are felt and seen under skin. The risk is also increased if dermal filler wasn’t been injected properly.

Best Clinic for Dermal Fillers in Bangkok Thailand

Why do you need to select Dr. Tony for Dermal Fillers in Bangkok?

There are so many things added for the Dr. Tony clinic that are exactly making this clinic widely accepted. Well, it’s the Dr. Tony clinic which has been located conveniently at the heart of Bangkok city and the dermatologists working here have been considered as the father of injecting

Doctor Tony Beauty Clinic provides a complete beauty service for healthier, younger-looking skin with the latest technologies selected from the US and Europe, monitored by dermatologists and experienced beauty consultants in a relaxing and personal atmosphere. All treatments are conducted individually by well-trained and experienced therapists in private therapy rooms

Dermal Fillers Price

Filler for under eyes 30,000 THB
Filler for face120,000 THB
Filler for smile lines15,000 THB
Filler for nose 15,000 THB
Filler to lift cheeks30,000 THB
Filler to lift eyebrows10,000 THB
Filler to lift jowls45,000 THB
Filler to slim face30,000 THB
Filler for lip 15,000 THB
Filler 18,000 THB / cc
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