Find the fountain of youth botox Bangkok, the city where the youthful play

Every individual wants to be attractive forever.  While forever is impossible to achieve, close to forever is made possible with botox.  Bangkok physicians are highly trained in the many uses of botox injections.  Botox injections smooth wrinkles and fills fine grooves making the area appear supple and youthful.

Botox Bangkok ThailandBotox injections can be used to rejuvenate an aging face giving the individual a more youthful face.  Injections containing a refined form of botox are Botulinum toxin.  Bangkok physicians inject botox into the muscle, blocking the nerve tissues and preventing them from constricting.  This process causes the skin to look more relaxed.  Botulinum toxin is the single most popular cosmetic procedure.

botox is typically used for fine line wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines.  Wrinkles on the lower face can also be treated with botox.

Ideal Candidate for botox in Bangkok Thailand

The ideal candidate for botox is older, typically over 40 years of age, and has started showing signs of aging such as wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet.  Persons taking certain vitamins and medications, pregnant women and individuals with a current infection should avoid botox treatments until after the pregnancy and after the infection has healed thoroughly.   Individuals with multiple sclerosis and bleeding disorders should also avoid botox treatments

It is extremely important that the candidate for botox treatments discusses all medications, vitamins and medical history with his or her surgeon.  The benefits derived from botox can be phenomenal but the surgeon needs to ensure that there will be no complications and that the patient experiences only the excellent benefits of botox.  Bangkok physicians work meticulously to ensure the safety of its patients.

Recovery botox in Bangkok

Recovery from a botox treatment is very quick and patients can return to normal activity almost immediately after treatment.  Some patients may experience bleeding, swelling and bruising at the site of the injections and it may take up to a full day for these issues to be resolved.

It may take up to seven days for the patient to realize the benefits of botox.  A small number of patients actually report no improvements at all—for these patients the phrase botox immunity was coined.  The improvements from botox injections can last up to six months and additional treatments will be required to maintain the improvements.

Risks for botox

botox complications are rare but no procedure is without risk.  Some of the risks derived from botox treatments include the following:

  • botox immunity:  Some patients report that they experienced no improvements after their treatments
  • Soreness and bruising:  Patients with extremely sensitive skin may experience some soreness and bruising.
  • Hemorrhaging:  A small percent of cases were reported
  • Headaches:  Small percent of cases
  • Nausea:  Small number of cases
  • Flu-like symptoms: Small number of cases
  • Muscle weakness or drooping:  Very rare but occurs if the botox dosage was too high

If the patient experiences any adverse reactions after botox , Bangkok physicians will quickly assess the situation and begin remedial treatment.  Still it should be noted that adverse reactions to botox  are extremely rare.