Yanhee International Hospital

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What the reasons behind the patients are choosing Yanhee?

Every patient is main focus on three basic reasons before the deals with hospital regarding their problem. The best hospitals are having with expert’s doctors or surgeons as well as the treatment cost that suitable according to their budget. From all above prospectus the Yanhee International Hospital will be the suitable place for the patients.

Research said more than 75% patients of this hospital is belong to former or referral from the satisfied patients, so treatments cost much cheaper for everyone. Also the hospital is having lot of world class surgeons and doctors that much skill in any types of surgical process. Among other the healthy location of the Yanhee International Hospital is provide much boost to the patients for quick recovery. 

  • It is the biggest centers for the plastic & cosmetic surgery all over Asia
  • Local people name hospital „beauty factory“
  • It is „One-Stop-Shop“ for the beauty from toe to head
  • Twelve fulltime surgeons for the plastic & cosmetic surgery
  • Eight full-time doctors
  • Daily 50 to 70 major beauty surgeries that are carried out
  • Daily 50 to 70 minor beauty surgeries as the nose corrections, eyelid surgeries and so on and are carried out


Yanhee Hospital is popular for the unique & successful surgery as well as beauty treatment. Also, there are 50 of 120 specialists who are all dedicated for the beauty services.

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center has twelve experienced & highly qualified surgeons and they are members of prestigious Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons who are set to make clients’ dreams to come true giving them beauty they wish. Skin care programs give by Skin Center of the Yanhee Hospital are just outstanding. Also, there are eight full time specialists who will give you different services like wrinkle reduction, deep forehead, depressed scars, and so on. Each year, hundreds of trans & intersex patients that come Yanhee International Hospital to help to get medical surgeries. Lots of patients are abandoned by friends & family, lost jobs, as well as face challenges, which are unimaginable by average person. The financial hardship is generally common for a lot of trans & intersex people.

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Procedure Price (from)
Alarplasty ฿30,000
Arms Lift ฿92,000
BodyTite ฿500
Breast Implants ฿100,000
Breast Lift ฿110,000
Breast Reduction ฿125,000
Buttocks Implants ฿150,000
Buttocks Lift ฿110,000
Cheek Implants ฿60,000
Cheek Reduction ฿135,000
Chin Implants ฿45,000
Chin Shaving ฿500
Dental Inquire
Dermatology Inquire
Eyelids Surgery ฿30,000
Face Lift (full) includes: Mid face lift (cheeks area) + Neck lift + Forehead lift ฿180,000
Face lift Mid (cheeks area) ฿500
Face Lift (mini) includes: Mid face lift (cheeks area) + Neck lift ฿100,000
Female to Male Inquire
Forehead Lift ฿85,000
Hair Transplant ฿80 /graft
Lasik Eye Surgery Inquire
Liposuction ฿50,000
Male Chest Reduction ฿70,000
Male to Female Inquire
Neck Lift ฿500
Nose Implant ฿30,000
Nose Reshaping ฿90,000
Thigh Lift ฿110,000
Otoplasty (Ear Surgery) ฿500
Tip Rhinoplasty ฿65,000
Tummy Tuck ฿120,000
Vaser Liposelection ฿74,000

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