Breast Lift Thailand is the answer

Breasts for women should be to proportion not too small or too big. Women with large breasts feel uncomfortable and would like to reduce the size and make it look attractive and vice versa. For these reasons, breast lift Thailand is the answer. Thailand seems to be the place that women like the most because of its numerous hospitals and surgeons performing the best plastic surgeries on breasts and obtaining the best results as well.

Breast Lift Thailand

Who is eligible?

Women with perfect breasts would certainly not opt for this surgery. Hence those with nipples pointing downwards due to the size of their breasts, sagging breasts due to age and breastfeeding or women with breasts that are inappropriate in size and fragile would be the ideal candidates to opt for breast lift Thailand.

What happens before and during Breast Lift Thailand?

The patient opting for breast lift Thailand surgery is expected to report a day before the surgery for discussions and preparation. General anesthesia is administered and the surgeon makes small incisions in a T-shape starting from the nipples and moving downwards to the lower portion of the breast. The excess skin around the breast is removed and the breast is sutured neatly once again. The breast is bandaged for a day or two and on removing the bandages the patient would have exclusively fresh and good looking breasts. The surgery may take around 3 to 5 hours.  

Post Surgery is not long

Elastic bandages are used after the surgery for the best safety and care. The stitches are removed after a week. After this, the woman is advised to use supporting bras for best results. Scars will be visible for some months but they will soon fade away leaving a perfect looking pair of breasts. The patient can resume regular work including strenuous work after a period of three months. 

Risks Involved are minimal

Breast lifts Thailand uses the liposuction method and hence it is safe for breastfeeding mothers to choose this surgery. This does not disturb any nerves leading to the nipples that would deprive the baby of its milk. However, like all surgeries, a lot of bleeding, bruising, swelling and a certain amount of pain will be present. Proper care and medication prescribed by the physician will help in the healing and recovery period. 

The joy of getting one’s breasts attractive and good looking once again is every woman’s expectation. But this cannot be had without making a bit of sacrifice. For instance, if you are a smoker or you drink alcohol, you should give up the practice a few weeks before the surgery and also a few months after for the best results. 

Breast Lift Thailand surgeons insist that their patients are available for 10 days under their surveillance so they can have checks from time to time to watch the progress of the recovery and see the results after removing the stitches. The coordination between the surgeon and the patient should be consistent for best results.