Breast Reduction Thailand women’s best choice

Breasts play an important role in women’s lives and surely they need the best care and attention. Women with sagging breasts due to age or other reasons are not considered attractive, especially in a men’s world. Such women who wish to be noticed usually opt for breast reduction Thailand, the best way to beautify the breasts to make it attractive and lively once again. 

Breast Reduction Thailand

However the shape and size of a woman’s breast may be, the surgeons performing breast reduction Thailand use their excellent skills and reshape the sagging or ugly breasts according to the patient’s choice. Another terms for breast reduction is Reduction Mammoplasty termed medically as Mastopexy. This is a process that makes small breasts bigger and definitely bigger breasts smaller or to the size the woman wishes it to be.  

Who is the right candidate for breast reduction in Thailand?

Since this is a permanent reshaping of the breasts the candidates appearing for breast reduction Thailand should have fully grown and matured breasts. However, if huge breasts are causing much discomfort the candidate can be accepted for reduction.  Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should stay away from this surgery. Women who are away from or who wish to stay away from smoking and alcohol are also suitable candidates.

What to expect from the breast reduction Thailand Surgery?

If you are a woman with increasingly huge breasts you would be a candidate for Mastopexy which is performed while the patient is given general anesthesia. The breast reduction Thailand surgeon would make small incisions around the nipples that would run down to the bottom of the breast line.  After the incisions are made the nipple will be replaced in a suitable place and suturing of the nipple is done. Though this is an effective technique the scars are long lasting and sometimes permanent.

If a woman with normal-sized breasts would like to reshape or tone the breasts she can opt for the Liposuction technique.  This can be chosen even by breastfeeding women since it is safe and the results are extremely better.

The Risks are normal

Though Breast Reduction in Thailand reduces the risk of breast cancer it has other side effects. The normal risks include bruising, bleeding, swelling, scarring and infection which will slowly fade away. But a major risk could be that in certain patients the nipples will not get enough blood supply. 

Post Surgery period

Like all post-surgery periods, breast reduction Thailand has its rules that should be strictly followed by the patient for the best results. Since the patient will be bound with bandages it would be required to stay for a day in the hospital or the private clinic. Most candidates are allowed to start routine work after a week. Proper care and medication would be extremely necessary.

Women seeking breast reduction Thailand should decide whether they want Liposuction or Mastopexy. While liposuction is successful in every way while the surgery and even after the surgery leaving no long term scars, mastopexy is a successful surgery but the scars can be long-lasting or even permanent.