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    Many of our memories are triggered by our sense of smell and we associate scents with specific events in our lives.  The scent of pine may remind you of Christmas morning, waking to unwrap your presents under the festively decorated tree.  The scent of your mother’s favourite perfume will recall you to her, even if she is far from you.  Scent is powerfully attached to our memories.  The wonderful tool for accessing these memories is the human nose and aesthetics have little to do with its proper functioning. 

    Am I a candidate for nose surgery in Thailand?

    For some, they are unhappy with the appearance of their nose and they may well consider nose surgery in Thailand.  If you are over the age of sixteen, are in a healthy state of mind and body and feel that you would benefit from an aesthetic alteration of your nose, then you are a candidate for Rhinoplasty.

    What does nose surgery in Thailand entail?

    Initially you will visit your plastic surgeon for a consultation where you will discuss your expectations of nose surgery and together you will decide what alterations you should have done.  You will be given a general anaesthetic so that you will sleep during the procedure.  The plastic surgeon will then make an incision either inside the nasal cavity or at the base of the nose to minimise scarring. 

    If the nose surgery involves an alteration to the nostrils the surgeon will make an incision along the side of the nostril where it meets the cheek so that it can be adjusted.  This is usually done if the nostrils are too wide or too narrow.  Excess cartilage, bone and fatty tissue is surgically removed before the surgeon reattaches the nostrils.

    For the bridge of the nose, the surgeon will also remove excess bone, cartilage and tissue and will sculpt the nose to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.  The incisions will be neatly sutured and a splint may be applied to protect and support the nose after the surgery.

    How long will I take to recover from nose surgery in Thailand?

    During the first two weeks after surgery you can expect to experience pain and discomfort and should initially sleep in an upright position.  You should be able to return to work after a week or two and should be able to return to normal activities within six weeks after the surgery.  The final results will be noticeable three to six months after the surgery.

    Will there be any scars?

    Any surgery is going to leave scars, though if the incisions are made inside the nasal cavity they will be well hidden.  In the case of incisions being made at the base of the nose or the nostrils, they will usually be made in the crease to minimise their appearance.  Scars will generally fade to thin white lines over the next six months.

    What are the side effects and risks of nose surgery in Thailand?

    Though minimal, there are some risks involved in nose surgery.  You may experience pain, swelling, bleeding, infection, asymmetry, scarring and slow wound healing.