Nose Implant Thailand

A beautiful face is characterized by a well-proportioned nose.  A well-pronounced bridge, small neat nostrils and a pleasing curvature to the tip of the nose all work together to create an attractive nose that adds character and beauty to the face.  For some people, the balance of the nose is not what they consider aesthetically pleasing, particularly if the tip and bridge are too flattened.  In such cases, a nose implant surgery can be done to give more height and definition to the nose.

Am I a candidate for nose implant surgery in Thailand?

If you are over the age of sixteen years and are in a healthy physical and mental state with a flattened or underdeveloped nasal bridge, then you are a likely candidate for nose implant surgery.  A flattened nasal bridge is more commonly found amongst people of Asian and African descent, though not limited to it.  If the bridge of the nose is too low it can cause the nose to look shortened or chubby and thus, make you a prime candidate for nose implant surgery.

What does nose implant in Thailand entail?

The patient and surgeon will discuss the requirements of the surgery in a pre-surgical consultation to decide on the right procedure required.  This is necessary as each individual is different and will require individual attention.  The patient is placed under general anesthetic before surgery and then the cosmetic surgeon creates an incision at the base of the nose or sometimes in the nasal cavity to minimize scarring. 

A surgical implant is placed along the bridge of the nose, lifting the profile of the nose and depending on the implant, it may also add height to the tip of the nose if it was too flattened before.  If necessary an Alarplasty may be performed to narrow the width of the nostrils and the overall base width of the nose.  Once the cosmetic surgeon is happy with the placement of the implant and any excess cartilage, bone, and tissue has been removed, the incisions are sutured closed, a dressing and a splint is applied to protect and support the nose during the healing process.

Will there be any pain after a nose implant Thailand?

Mild to moderate pain and soreness can be expected, though this is easy to control with the use of pain medication.  The pain will gradually fade over the coming weeks.

How long will I take to recover from a nose implant in Thailand?

After the first week does nose implant Thailand the patient can return to work.  Within six weeks the worst symptoms of pain and discomfort have abated and the patient can resume normal activities including exercise.  The final results will be visible after roughly six months have passed.

Will there be any scarring?

Scarring should be minimal as the incisions are carefully placed.

What are the risks and side effects associated with a nose implant in Thailand?

Patients should be aware that there is a risk of pain, bruising, swelling, inflammation, bleeding and infection.  Some patients experience numbness, scarring and slow wound healing.